This is especially need to pay attention when cutting small villa elevator floor installation

Therefore, small villa elevator installation must be carried out after the renovations are completed. If the elevator has been installed before the house renovation, so a lot of dust generated in the process of renovation will enter the elevator, on the one hand difficult to clean, more important is the fine dust into the interior of the elevator structure will affect the normal operation of the elevator, the elevator shorten life.

This is especially need to pay attention when cutting small villa elevator floor installation, many times owners and construction team communication is not good, it is easy to be the case: the same each floor cut hole size, but not through the vertical space, so small villa elevator can not be installed, the need for secondary construction, waste of time and a waste of manpower. The hoistway small elevators without the overhead required to reduce some more, as long as the above can be 2400mm.

It is recommended that the car is listed in the park, preventing the alarm to save the faultist.Third, safety measures 1. 3: Recommended 150-400kg of load capacity, the size of the car is 0. Well position and space.The villa will have a installation process after purchasing, many people don't know what to install, what is the villa elevator installation including? Use the open door width in the well width, and the top height is highly reversed. Second, the ground pit and the top layer.

General small bottom pit 350mm, no pit can be used to borrow the bottom pit with decorative ground, and then the elevator raises passenger lift Factory a step. The passenger is not allowed to save the passengers, the family is different, and it is possible to make a long sleepy person.The middle of the stairs, the wall corner, plug-in can, and the center is not blocking the channel. Fourth, the speed home villa elevator is not very high because of the family floor, there is an old man, children and the potential for the use, and the speed is not too fast. Add self-help measures and procedures.

The top level is greater than 2600mm, and the car is 2200mm high. Automatic, manual door must have an electrical interlock function to prevent open the door and the elevator does not pull the door. 2: The elevator without the door of the car must install the lighting door to ensure the risk of friction, collision, and extrusion.