The galvanized steel wire rope is broken

The safety is applied to the bottom of the car. Once the home of the household, once the system is cut, it will automatically identify the load status of the current car. It is a device that is close to the brake pedal. Automatically run to the near floor, open the car door, release the user, wait for the check in the long-term opening of the car door.Household can't rise again, but at this time, the car is able to decline, the car is slippery, the limit power switch is automatically calibrated.

The speed limiter is a mechanical device that tests the rate of the car. When home uses home to operate the upper limit area, the limit power switch will work.Power-saving self-help function: home operation requires power, not running in standby, there is almost no electricity consumption, and the usual electricity is very small. Extreme maintenance: Household installation has a limit power switch.

Once the family is housed, the galvanized steel wire rope is broken, the car is extremely The drop rate exceeds the larger speed limit rate set by the limiter, and the limiter will pinch the galvanized steel wire rope and drive the safety pliers to lock the car to avoid the car again to ensure the safety of customers. .

With the development of society and various high-end villa accommodation, everyone's dependence on household is growing. An installation is installed in the home, and it is also necessary to take into account its cost performance.Rope break protection function: Household host room installed limited speed and safety pliers. This is able to calibrate fully automatically.

Mainly, its security, villa elevators Suppliers home security performance is good to see these four features, what four features? It is set at a larger speed limit rate. Overweight maintenance: Once the load weight of the home exceeds itself, alert will issue an alert and will not run, and always keep the door to ensure the security of the user.